Where do ideas spring from?

The anniversary of the first votes for women. Something that I have always felt was important to remember. How would our lives have been had it not been for the struggle so many went through on our behalf. Whilst we celebrate this anniversary we must remember that it was only the privileged few. When my mother was born in 1923, the majority of women were still waiting.

That is where this new piece is coming from

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Lines in the landscape

The tree and hedge lines of the landscape viewed from the train have to be recorded with haste before they are gone. It reminds me of a childhood poem –

Faster than fairies, faster than witches,

Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches

….and ever again in the wink of an eye …..

Robert Lewis Stephenson

Taking them back to the studio I am using them as linear shapes to stitch onto a length of cloth – the speed of the train is forgotten and the gentle rhythm of hand stitch is reminiscent of slow quietness of the landscape

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An interesting pairing

Washed and pressed and hung casually to see how they look.

The hand woven piece is working well with the hemp piece.

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Colour variations

I think the results are really promising – some interesting variations in colour

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It’s cold dyeing at this time of year!

I wound the three layers round a plastic tub for dyeing and dipped them into the vat.


I will have to wait until they are dry before I can assess the results. I think the natural fibres have taken the dye differently so it should have an interesting variety of colour.


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Can’t resist the cloth

I know I am getting back to the basics of recording what I see but I can’t resist cloth for long.

I have taken a length of my own weaving and formed it into a loose roll with a length of old French linen and a length of old French hemp.

This is going for a lot soak and then a partial dip in an indigo vat. We will see what happens!! I usually wait for summer to get the vat going but have decided to give it a go tomorrow – I will just have to wrap it up well so that it keeps warm.

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Sometimes I like to go back to basics

I have decided that it is a good time to review my methods of working ‘in the field’.  How to record what I see, hear and feel when on location.  I am using items readily available in the studio and recording what I see using drawing and paint.


Sometimes I like to go back to basics

A collection of pebbles that live in my studio

These are some pebbles I collected last summer, attracted by the lines of quartz running through them all.  They form the basis for my first set of studies.

2   3

Pencil, water soluble coloured pencils and crayons



Drawing multiple pebbles takes me back to the location where I collected them

10    7

Happy with my first set of studies.



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